There are several cemeteries that are the final resting spot for my ancestors after they got to the United States/Texas. There is an overpowering feeling when I walk into a cemetery that contains so many of my relatives. So much history in a small area of land. The three main cemeteries are Post Oak, Achterberg and Christ Lutheran of Elm Creek. Other cemeteries in the area also contain relatives and some are buried on their homestead. My hope is to keep the memory of these folks alive. 

I've recently become addicted to the Find-A-Grave site. It is a great tool that compliments this family tree site. You can search by a deceased person's name or my a cemetery. A lot of info can be put on each memorial, including pictures of the grave/headstone as well as personal pictures. Additionally you can link graves together as parents/children and spouses. Updating this site will take me a while, but take a look for yourself:  If you find a missing grave/person who you'd like to have me add, just drop me a note and I'll be happy to add it. It is like weaving a web. The more we add, the stronger it gets.

Cemeteries are normally connected to a church, but not necessarily on the church's property.

Post Oak originally belonged to and was primarily for the members of the Post Oak Evangelical Church. The land was donated by the Brietzke and Schievelbein families.

Elm Creek Lutheran Church's cemetery is on the church's property and was donated by the Lenz family.

Achterberg cemetery is a family cemetery only for those related to the Achterbergs. Since an Achterberg married into the Brietzke family, there are also Brietzke's buried there.